Recompositions (A Life and Death Struggle Between an Individual and a Less Specifically Defined Entity)

by A bit Much

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Wm Washburn
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Wm Washburn This record begins with one of the greatest opening licks of all time and keeps on tearing all the way through. These guys were PHENOMENAL. Favorite track: Vine St..
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released April 10, 2009

Slodegan Milosevic − guitars, vocals
John T. Montgomery − cymbals and Eames drums, percussion, mbira, vocals, supervocal
Matt Lillis − bass guitar, vocals
Argonaut Starry Devo − keyboards, vocals, indecision 2009

Recorded winter 2008/2009 at the Glancy's summer home in Harwich, MA and at Secret Hole Studios in Cambridge, MA
Back cover photo by Alisia L. L. Waller (
Mastered by Taj Campman (




A bit Much Boston

A bit Much played their last show on December 30, 2011. The final line-up of the band featured Clinton Degan (vocals, guitar), Abram Taber (bass, vocals) and Jon Glancy (drums). Former members include Matt Lillis (bass, vocals) and Tim Lillis (piano, keyboard). Frequent collaborators included Curtis Killian (guitar), Bryan Murphy (trumpet) and Mike Padgett (saxophone). ... more

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Track Name: Vine St.
I don’t bow down to those intrigues
I don’t slow and I don’t take speed on
I’ve been on, and I saw

I step back and let the wind arrive
I scent is strong and I’ve no alibi
I saw here’s my hand, so where’s the knife?
Where’s the knife that was mine?

Grimm and Madame Epinay may thieve my piece of mind
But I am still and ironwood on a street of vine

I don’t know what I’ve done to them
I’ve an opera and they’ve only phlegm
To spit in jealous heat if I should wend

I won’t go through their open door
So they can own me and make me low
So what should come of me if I should bend
Can I stand, will I stand, can I stand to have such friends?

Grimm and Madame Epinay may thieve my piece of mind
But civility will poison me, I can’t drink their wine
Throw me from the Hermitage and curse me in Paris
‘Cause I know every sort of vine strangling this street
Track Name: Laurel Canyon Blvd. 1
The church is made of men who wanna make more men outta you
And we can’t worship reason just every single time the guillotine tells us to
There’s so many days left wasting away at the foot of my lady’s bed
There’s a nice view, we can sit in our ride
And know nothing can hide from our eyes
Or look into each other’s instead

We’ll sit around until somebody tries to tell us what to do
So we can bother not to reply and maybe even not to move
There’s a promise we’re keeping, we never did tell you
There are generations quaking, fighting for the other’s room
Each generation’s getting smarter, getting shorter, getting more confused
So please, Lord, don’t let my happiness be refused
There’s a nice view with no words in the way
If you can keep those toad eating hams at bay
I’ll stay and do what love the church could never do

The Count de Saint Laurent, he’s gonna pour us out
If we don’t keep our heels in the gutter, our teat to the money’s mouth
Well then, Momma, you know trouble is coming down
For sluts like us such trouble is coming down

There’s a nice view we can sit in our ride
And know nothing can hide from our eyes
Just the sight’s enough to keep our love alive
Track Name: The All Golden
You are my brother
We sometimes fish together
Gold mining in the Amazon is your occupation

You put soil in the sluice box
You put water in the sluice box
You put mercury in the sluice box
And you sluice it all around

Then you send it along
Another worker takes the amalgam
Puts it in a retort
You burn off that mercury
Into the atmosphere
Thus into the river
Therefore into the fishes
And anyone that eats them
It's a way to make livin'
If you could even call it that
Someone else is making a killin'
Someone else is getting fat
Your employer set you up
To decimate any health
That was in the way of
In the way of your profit

This is the all golden
Everyone is well fed here
This is the all golden
Gold mining international
This is the all golden
Everyone's stocks go up here
This is the all golden
Gold mining international
Track Name: I'm Never Gonna Drink Soda Again
Her's happened so long ago
She wonders if it even did
And mine's so fresh still in my mind
I sometimes shudder at the sight of a kid

We both have hidden watermarks
That makes us more likely to be stopped at aeroports
And the bonds its made is such it's like we shared a bid

But I don't believe in any stupid fairy tales
Any excuses not to heal
And I swear
I'm never gonna drink soda again

I felt a whole lot better when
You said you lost your trust in me
See, the sad part darling is
I'm exactly where I needs to be
We both deserve our will
We both are not what we see
If a sense of worth could kill
Than living we both wouldn't be
Track Name: In the Ocean
To her
Hallucinations grip what sanctify
And in the air
A vapor lies like lead to lose our eyes
That we should marry to the notion
To be buried in the ocean
Should we still marry to the notion
To be buried in the ocean
With those thoughts that all should sprawl out
Without ink of the thinker’s doubts about them

A wary glance
But when the soldier’s came, none raised their hands
And so hope smote
You shalln’t ask me to tell the heat of the brand
My eyes unlid
So I need no part of the afterlife
Wake the kids
We need an offering for the sacrifice
So we may marry to the notion
Let us be carried in the ocean
Is it not greater than devotion
To be buried in the ocean
I’ve loved you wreckless, know this
That I couldn’t tell the distance above us

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