You Deserve It

by A bit Much

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Wm Washburn
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Wm Washburn Another outstanding opener holds stellar harmonies and bombastic riffs on a flaming dual leash. This record blew my mind. Favorite track: Starvation Wage.
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released April 17, 2010

Tim Bucha > piano, electric keyboards, vocals
Degan, Heir to the Ring of Degan > vocals, guitar
Matt(y) Dietrich > elated screams
Jonathan Francis Glancy > cymbals and Eames drums, vocals
Matt Lillis > electric bass guitar, vocals
Shakes McHumphrey > tambourine

Recorded by Jon Taft at New Alliance December 2009 / January 2010 (
Mixed by Jon Taft
Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East (
Artwork by Brian R. Hart (




A bit Much Boston

A bit Much played their last show on December 30, 2011. The final line-up of the band featured Clinton Degan (vocals, guitar), Abram Taber (bass, vocals) and Jon Glancy (drums). Former members include Matt Lillis (bass, vocals) and Tim Lillis (piano, keyboard). Frequent collaborators included Curtis Killian (guitar), Bryan Murphy (trumpet) and Mike Padgett (saxophone). ... more

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Track Name: Minimum Rhythm, Maximum Blues
I admit that I stole your lady, left you with a stocking of coal
But both you and I know that you were never given a soul
Some of us were born to laugh and love, but you were only put here to schmooze
Give you that minimum rhythm, and the maximum blues

Working for those suits, do you have a prayer of keeping up that enlightened air?
You’ve got the brains and the looks but where’s the luck?
They’d need the Hubble just to find your heart so that they could lift it up

Maybe when you’re a little bit older
You’ll see these things you wish that I had never told ya
But ‘til then you be that brainwashed soldier
Marching in circles and firing your weapon like
It was other than yourself that armed ya/ Do you wanna?

In money and mettle you’re honored as a general
But you still feel like you’re scrubbing the floors
‘Cause all those girls, guns, and glory can’t buy you the gift of remorse
I’m sure that years of gumming up your ears
Is gonna leave you narcissistic, bemused
Give you that minimum rhythm, and the maximum blues

You say oppression pays but who’s oppressed?
Is it the kids? The slaves? Is it your mind at rest
They tie you to a tree and say “Stay in the shade”
Well, that’s a damn short rope, remind me, who’s the slave?

Maybe when you’re a little bit older
You’ll see these things you wish that I had never told ya
But you gotta be lookin’ out for number one
Move when they tell ya, keep your eyes skyward
Or you know how you’re gonna end up smelling, hon
And they just laugh along

Your seven boyfriends can’t get you worked up
You’d rather that you had it more hard
Like Romiet and Julio going down in the churchyard
Your contemporaries are all empty queries/ they’d never fit into such small shoes
Give you that minimum rhythm, and the maximum blues
Track Name: Starvation Wage
Far below the Earth where I rest/ no bosom to warm, and no breast
To rest your head unto/ even isolation withdrew

See I can’t live on no starvation wage/ I can’t buy nothing for my rice
You never said that passion pays/ But given long now, the starving artist dies

Somewhere beneath you, you think I’ll always be
But this ground is moving, albeit gradually

Though eunuch I may be/ I’ll wipe you clean subtly
Just as man was took from me/ and woman, held captivity
I have learned the ins and outs/ nonetheless there’s spit in my mouth
For the overseer’s eyes/ even starvation’s overpriced
And as I am not supposed to know/ who has your morality choked
Why else would I have this periscope/ for when mercy has fully eloped
And so they call mercy, mercy/ but he with no ears hears no plea
Beneath you you think they’ll always be
But this ground is moving gradually
Track Name: You're Blessing Me
The mountains don't move when you ask them to
The oceans ain't beholden to what you wanna prove
You wish them to be, they can't wish as well
As you and to that spell they're not susceptible
Wild won't wilt when you wave your wand
Will he just wait 'til his time is come
Over something untrue you're blessing me
Your hopes gone unhumbled by reality

All you sisters leave me alone
And pure believers, take care of your own
You can't trust me to stay
I don't wanna go, but the winds they just blow me away

Soil won't cry when the earth is gone
Sayin' sooth but he don't speak your tongue
Maker couldn't laugh if you lose your love
Sayin' didn't I, didn't I give enough
To call up heaven and call your name
But we're both bound down here all the same
While over something lovely, impossible
You pushed me down into your wishing well

All you sisters I can't choose amongst
And poor believers who've loved only once
You can't trust these two feet
Weightlessness goes down into the very bottom of me

Mother mercy, heed my wary words
Vary my countenance, the demons keep disturbed
Since I've known you I don't love anyone
Quiet obsession, loud desperation
To write your number across my lips
I'm beside myself in your eclipse
Your shadow makes my surface red
The excess spent knelt beside your bed
Bearing down on me, she still can't tell
Inside or outside of the wishing well
Furrows dig deeper, you're blessing me
Am I my own keeper or your property?
Track Name: I Can Rock Nobody Like Nobody's Been Rocked Before
Well a snarlin' old hacksaw of a man he strode up to me
And says you wanna tell me where all your so-called fans could be?
And it's our policy not to pay if you can't meet our minimum rate
Well, if there's no one comin' than you just better pack up and leave
But I disagree
'Cause I can rock nobody like nobody has ever seen

Well I tried to get Travis but he got lost in the liquor store
And Courtney's at the office late to tell us what our money is for
And Anne's stuck in her final exam
And Spencer's spending the night in the can
After he got nabbed with a gram to be dealt down at the shore to some old pompadour
So that I can rock nobody like nobody's been rocked before

Matty, Matt, and Matthew they just smoked a whole tree
But I swear that they'll be watching the live video feed
And maybe they'll still stop by when they want something to eat
But currently
I'll be rocking nobody like nobody has ever seen

Well there's a blizzard out west that pinned down my whole family
And they just said on the news that the highways won't be clear for a week
I invited my whole team of heavyweights
They've been training for a fight somewhere outside of the states
And I can pack a theater any place around the Caspian Sea
I've got a quarter Kazakh in me
But back here I'll be rocking nobody like nobody has ever seen, except me
Yea I can rock nobody like nobody has ever seen
No one sees
I can rock nobody like nobody has ever seen
Track Name: By the People
Momma, by the people you love, yes you love
Which, need I mention, goes without exception
They’ll take all your honor just to prove you’ve earned none
Come back to the city where I’ll keep your love

Momma how many times have I wet your breasts?
But my tears and my fevers can’t flaw your kindness
Your pension as threatened, well, the scheming ain’t lessened
Come back to the city, where you’ll take your rest

I ain’t known someone who would leave such affection unwed
Until you acquaintance was met
Well, such flippancy took poor Claude Anet to the grave
Do you want me to go the same way?

Momma, your Jean-Samuel, he’s no real man
You trade me and my memory for such wormwood as him
He’ll take all your money just to prove that he can
And when you’ve no honor left, will he keep your hand?

I’ve no smile except for when yours is around
But you’ve hardly noticed I’ve come
Am I really equal to this braggart and clown
With not even taste on his tongue?

Momma, you’d feed them all if you had enough
But fate doesn’t smile on the pure hearts like us
You’ll be shamed and beviled, so I give it all up
Momma, by the people you love, yes, you love
Momma, by the people you love, you love

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