Valentine's Day 2011

by A bit Much

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Wm Washburn
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Wm Washburn Clinton Degan, Lord of Esoteric References, goes surprisingly un-esoteric in two fantastically genuine songs about Patti Boyd and the lead singer of R.E.M. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't have this single readily available. Favorite track: (All I Want Is) George Harrison's Wife.
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released February 14, 2011

Eric Degan - vocals, guitars
Bobby Lillis - electric bass guitar, vocals
Jim Glancy - Eames drums, cymbals, percussion
Carl Lillis - piano, organ
Fingertips Hernandez - bongos

Engineered by Jon Taft at Woolly Mammoth Studios, Waltham, MA, New Alliance Studios, Cambridge, MA, and the Presidential Mansion, Somerville, MA ( / /
Mastered by Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella at New Alliance East (

Artwork by Brian R. Hart (

In association with Polk Records. Check out our lovely label mates! (




A bit Much Boston

A bit Much played their last show on December 30, 2011. The final line-up of the band featured Clinton Degan (vocals, guitar), Abram Taber (bass, vocals) and Jon Glancy (drums). Former members include Matt Lillis (bass, vocals) and Tim Lillis (piano, keyboard). Frequent collaborators included Curtis Killian (guitar), Bryan Murphy (trumpet) and Mike Padgett (saxophone). ... more

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Track Name: (All I Want Is) George Harrison's Wife
Paula, you'll never be the sister who infests my dreams
She walks on the outside of me and leaves Harri in between
My love, a sword long and sharp, and wielded by my hand to part
My best friend and his better half, the only one I wanna have
'Cause all I want is George Harrison's wife

Paula, from Surrey go, just go, I can't keep it up
If you'd Dover's cliffs of all pure blow I'd still not take your bloody nose
As she grins at me through rabbit's teeth, the blind faith of my friend's conceit is deaf
The sun is come back down, and all that I can think about
Is how I want George Harrison's wife (All he wants...)
All I want is George Harrison's wife (All I want...)

And though it feels so wrong
Still I know it can't be wrong
Even if I never write a better song

Paula, our God is great, and would he dare consign my fate
(Paula, all I wanna do is stay close to you)
To loving Patti more than life if it weren't wholly good and right?
([and Patti too,] help you out of your bell bottom blues)
If I've erred, may this record fail
(We'll go)
Make Patti's womb a barren well
(Turin or Rome)
May Gordo rot in a madman's cell
(This ain't no kinda home)
May I be really poor at child care
(Mind if George and Patti come along?)
'Cause all I want is George Harrison's wife
(All I wanna do is George Harrison's wife)
All I want is George Harrison's wife
(Paula will have to do)
All I want is George Harrison's wife
(Acceptable substitute for George Harrison's wife)

And if she'd give me half a chance (Just one little half)
You know it's bound to ever last
I don't need Italian models, too
Or lines and lines of coke to do
I'll keep my bastards to a few
You'll pass this message on to Patti won't you?
Track Name: My Marriage to Michael Stipe
Growl, I spit and stutter and howl
But still no thoughts will come out
About how badly I’ve always wanted you

I’ll croon, pride myself when I make groupies swoon
I’ll compare your grace to the moon
And still get no closer to you

There’s no weight beneath all these fractions
Love, I can’t bellow no louder, so what of my actions?

I’ll crack, I’ll crash hard just trying to kick the smack
And if I ain’t broke enough I’ll act
I’ll be somebody else if that’s what I have to do

I’ll lie, I’ll claim to be drunk, I’ll pretend to be high
I’ll even say that the child was never mine
Bet my derriere on any sort of derring-do

There’s no truth that I can’t experience
There’s no white, red, or black lie that I can’t take serious

I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I’ll wait, I’ll wait
I’ll huddle, I’ll cry myself to sleep
I’ll wait, I’ll commit myself, I’ll drive a model T, and then I’ll win a spelling bee
Naturally, no cheating, I’ll turn gay
I’ll wed Michael Stipe if that would make you pay attention to me

But of this much you can be glad
I promise I’ll never say I’ve always needed you this bad
That I’ve always needed you this bad

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